Pray for Lost Souls
Pray for Lost Souls

What Does God Want More than Anything In The World?

That Not A Single Soul Be Lost.

Apostolate To Save Living Sinners And Releasing Millions Of Souls From Purgatory

Every day thousands of souls die and are judged. Few go to Heaven, the majority go to Purgatory and many go to Hell 1. It is important to pray for the souls in Purgatory – but they are already saved. Many of these souls who will die tomorrow and are destined for Hell could be saved by us. Because God has given us a free will, he cannot change our direction but Jesus has said that by praying for living sinners, they could be enlightened to repent before death and be saved.

There are many types of prayers we could say that would save souls; additional rosaries, chaplet of mercy, or even the short prayer. The most significant is the prayer given to Maria Simma.

Many people have read about Hell and how severe it is in suffering and your total loss for all eternity and many to this day still don’t believe in Hell 2.

Two great Saints in the church (among others) were shown Hell and gave us a good picture of what it is like. Both St. Fuastina and St. Teresa of Avila had very similar descriptions, but St. Teresa’s description was very special as she credits God’s great mercy, in showing her the place where “the Devil kept in readiness for her that she deserved by her sins”.

Whether it is a relative or friend or just a stranger, you would not want anyone to experience this suffering and being lost forever.

We may also save many lost sinners by being a “Victim Soul”. You do this by offering up all your personal daily physical and mental suffering to God in remembrance of the sufferings of Jesus and for the salvation of souls. Adding sacrifices to your prayers give them more power!

1-Blessed Mothers words – July 1982 –January 1983 at Medjugorje to 5 Visionaries

2-Results of a recent national poll of 36,000 people taken by Pew Forum for Religion and Public Life, published June 23, 2008 indicated that of all those who follow a particular religion combined with those with no affiliation – over 40% do not believe in Hell.


Revelations of St. Teresa of Avila, Mystic, and Doctor of the Church

(Taken from the Life of St. Teresa – Chapter XXXII, page 298)

“While I was at prayer one day, I found myself in a moment, without knowing how, plunged apparently into Hell. I understood that is was Our Lord’s will that I should see the place where the devils kept in readiness for me, and which I had deserved by my sins. It lasted but for a moment, but it seems to me impossible that I should ever forget it even if I were to live many years.

“But as to what I then felt, I do not know where to begin if I were to describe it; it is utterly inexplicable. I felt a fire in my soul but such that I am unable to describe it. My bodily sufferings were unendurable. I have undergone most painful sufferings in this life and as the physicians say, the greatest that can be borne, such as the contraction of my sinews when I was paralyzed. Without speaking of other ills of different types-yet, even those of which I have spoken, inflicted on me by Satan; yet all these were as nothing in comparison with what I then felt, especially when I saw there would be no intermission nor any end to them.

“These sufferings were nothing in comparison with the anguish of my soul, and a sense of oppression, of stifling, and of pain so acute, accompanied by so hopeless and cruel an affliction, that I know not how to speak of it. If I say the soul is continually being torn from the body it would be nothing- for that implies the destruction of life at the hands of another-but here it is the soul itself is tearing itself to pieces. I cannot describe that inward fire or that despair, surpassing all torments and all pain.  I did not see who it was that tormented me, but I felt myself on fire, and torn to pieces, as it seemed to me; I repeat it, this inward fire and despair are the greatest torments of all.

“Left in that pestilential place, without the power to hope for comfort, I could neither sit nor lie down; there was no room. I was placed as it were in a hole in the wall; and those walls, terrible to look on themselves, hemmed me on every side. I could not breathe. There was no light, but all was thick darkness. I do not understand how it is; though there was no light, but all was thick darkness, yet everything that can give pain being seen as visible.

“It seems to me that we complain without reason. I repeat it: this vision was one of the grandest mercies of God. It has been to me of the greatest service, because it has destroyed my fear of trouble and contradictions of the world, and it has made me strong enough to bear up against them, and to give thanks to Our Lord who has been my Deliverer, as it now seems to me, from such fearful and everlasting pains.


Remember that saying:

“There but for the Grace of God go I.”
(It could be one of us suffering for all eternity)

Also remember the words of scripture:

“There is more joy in Heaven over on repentant sinner than 99 righteous ones.”

“From those who have been given much, much will be expected of them.”

(Because we are blessed we need to do more for Our Lord, especially saving sinners)

History gives us two good examples of great sinners who were converted on their deathbed: (1) Dismas, the good thief who repented and asked Christ to remember him and was promised paradise, (2) Dutch Schultz the infamous gangster of the 1930’s who (although of the Jewish faith) on his deathbed asked for a Catholic priest, was baptized in the Faith and in sorrow confessed his sins. Surely someone prayed for these two (maybe a family member). It proves that prayers for lost sinners do work and also that God has GREAT MERCY.


"Many souls could be saved from hell if this Indulgence prayer was prayed in the morning and evening with three "Hail Mary's" for those who died on that day"

O most merciful Jesus,
Burning with love for souls,
I pray to you and plead to you, In union
With the agony of your Sacred Heart
And the pains of your Immaculate Mother,
To wash with your blood all the sinners
On earth who are in agony and who have
To Die this day. Dying Heart of Jesus,
Have mercy on those who are dying!


Fraternity of Releasing One Million Souls

Many people have personally released souls from purgatory through Rosaries & other prayers. Here is an opportunity to know you've actually released that many.

Our Lord told St. Gertrude the Great that this prayer would release 1,000 souls from purgatory each time it is said.

"Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of They Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy Souls in Purgatory. Amen."

On a Rosary of 50 Beads each 50 prayers saves 50,000 Souls
20 Rosaries x 50 = 1,000,000 Souls

How wonderful to know that the 1,000,000 you released will be praying for you to enter Heaven. When souls are finally released from their pain and enjoying Heaven, their prayers before the throne of God never cease for those who helped them reach heaven, where they will become our dear friends. By their prayers for you, they shield you from danger and protect you from evil on earth.

Saint Catherine of Bologna said:
"I received many and great favors from the Saints, but still greater favors from the Holy Souls"


The Importance Of Prayer To Reach Heaven


Appearing to one of the sisters of her community shortly after her death, St. Teresa of Avila told the Sister that she would be willing to return to a life of suffering on earth until the end of time if thereby she could merit that degree of glory with which God rewards one devoutly recited“Hail Mary”

    If you and I, at this very moment, were standing on the threshold of eternity, we would see a limitless duration extending before us which our vision would fail to terminate. Looking on this endlessness the awful truth would come to us that the time of merit had passed forever. The saints realized this truth while yet in life, and we can see the vastness of their reward.

    Those who have passed into eternity realize that there will be no further opportunities for additional merit, for time has passed forever. If regrets were possible in Heaven, unused opportunities would be the cause, for the blessed know what greater capacity for giving accidental honor to God they would Have had if they had used all their opportunities. Because of Gods mercy they have no regrets, but their status is sealed forever.

Quotes from Scripture

“Do not build up treasures on earth where rust and moth corrode, but build up treasures in Heaven (prayer and good works) for where your treasure is there is where your heart will be”

“Pray unceasingly”- St Paul

We should pray for the desires of our family, relatives and friends who need our prayers.
Also we should pray for the souls purgatory who have no one to pray for them, but lets not forget those who may die today and be destined for hell because they are not willing to ask God for forgiveness or express any sorrow for their sins. Because God has given us a free will he cannot change our direction but Jesus has said that by praying for living sinners, they could be enlightened to repent and be saved.

How much does God love us?

One of the greatest books ever written (2nd only to the holy bible) gives us a true insight into how much God loves every living Soul. The “Mystical City of God” gives us the answer to many Spiritual mysteries beginning with the fall of Lucifer and the bad Angels to Christ's suffering and death on the cross. It was dictated by Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to a 17th century Spanish  nun, Venerable Mary of Agreda. It spans 4 volumes a total of 2,676 pages.

The book revealed that during the last 3 hours of Jesus on the cross He spoke these words to his Father: “If it were possible, I would gladly go through all this suffering again if it would save one soul”

Prayer for the Poor Souls and the Dying Ones

O most merciful Jesus,
Burning with love for souls,
I pray to you and plead to you, in union
With the agony of your sacred heart
And the pains of your Immaculate Mother,
To wash with your blood all the sinners
On earth who are in agony and who have
To die this day. Dying heart of Jesus,
Have mercy on those who are dying!!

Many souls could be saved from hell if this indulgence prayer was prayed in the morning and evening with three "Hail Mary's" for those who died that day.

In Conclusion


The answer is that God made us to know, love him and serve him in this world, so one day we can be happy with him in Heaven for all eternity. God loves all of us regardless of our religious beliefs. He only asked us to love him completely and keep his Commandments.

In the world today there are 19 major religions. The largest in members are: Christians 33%, Muslims 19.6%, and Hindus 13.4%. Remember, there's only one God. The God who made Heaven and earth and all that is in it. This is the God who sent his only son Jesus to earth to be born of the Virgin Mary and who suffered and died for our sins, so that one day we could merit Heaven.

Before his death he started a church. Appointed 12 simple men his first apostles. He appointed Peter his first head of the church (Pope). Jesus promised them he would be ‘with them until the end of the world’ and the ‘gates of Hell will not prevail against them.' They were called Christians. In the year 107 A.D., St. Ignatius wrote a letter to the churches stating that they should be called “catholic” (Universal) and open to all people.

Catholic Church and Bible

Outside of the Catholic Church there are presently 32,000 Christian denominations. All of these hold that scripture (the Bible) is the sole truth and foundation of the Christian faith. The truth is that it is the Church that is the sole truth and foundation of faith. In Timothy 3–15, “The Church of the living God is the pillar and bulwark of truth”. It is absolute that the Bible is a sacred book and inspired by God and should be read and meditated on by all Christians. It is a fact of history that the first Bible was assembled in the year 397 A.D. at the Council of Carthage, by Catholic Bishops. At that time they agreed on 22 books of the New Testament and 46 books of Old Testament. This is the exact same Bible the church uses today. The first printed Bible was in 1454 called the Gutenberg Bible (Vulgate).  However there were only 162-185 copies printed. The first bible in the United States was the Aitken Bible in 1782 (in English). The only Bibles available in the early church where those laboriously printed by hand in monasteries by monks. These were only available to the rich. It was not until the introduction of the cylinder press in 1810 and the roller press 1850 that Bibles were mass-produced.

The truth is that many millions became converted to Catholic faith through teaching of apostles and missionaries the Apostles ordained. They were all guided by the church through the Holy Spirit. People were converted the same way today by being taught Gods revealed truth and his plan of salvation. Just as Christ said 2000 years ago: "Go and teach all nations, preach the gospel to all creatures – He who hears you, hears me".


The Catholic Church uses its original Bible in all its Masses and the readings are separate in all the daily and Sunday masses. The church has constructed the Old and New Testament readings, as well as the Psalms, so that they correspond to the daily readings. Using this format, the entire Bible is completed in three (liturgical) years.

Problem with private interpretation

The church interprets scripture – guided by the Holy Spirit. The main problem with having 32,000 Christian churches interpret is Jesus discussion on salvation. When Jesus spoke "he who believes in me will be saved "- "will have everlasting life", he did not mean Heaven, but meant that they would not be damned and lose their soul. Unfortunately the 32,000 denominations believe that Christ meant that they were guaranteed Heaven. They believe there is only Heaven or Hell when we die. Even though many die with sorrow for their sins – these sins are forgiven but it is still necessary to be cleansed of the temporal punishment due to sin. In other words this temporal punishment refers to the remote remnant effects of that sin – such as the tendency or habit of Sin – Jesus redemptive act does not cancel the acquired propensity to evil.


This cleansing is done through purgatory. As St. Paul reminds us, "we all must appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him for things done while in the body, whether good or bad" (II Corinthians 5:10). He also describes the person whose works fall short of God's testing – "he shall be saved, yet as only one who is escaping flames".

Also in the Old Testament post death purification is found in several passages – most notable II Maccabees 12:43-46.  "It is therefore a Holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead that they will be loosed from their sins." This teaching was held by the Jews six centuries before Christ.

Purgatory affirmed through Church Councils

In the early church when a dispute arose within its members a council was called to settle the questions. The first Council in 99 A.D. decided that to become a Christian it was not necessary to be circumcised.

The church always taught that purgatory exists. This doctrine was confirmed at the Council of Lyon, the Council of Nicaea (787 A.D.), the Council of Florence (1439 AD), the Council of Trent (1549-63) and Vatican II.

When we come before God and judgment

It said that since God is all perfect, when we come before him after death we are shown all our sins and also our good works. When we see God so perfect, loving and forgiving, it makes us feel so unworthy to be with him until we are purified. We want to be with him only after going to purgatory. Our biggest pain is being separated from him during this purification.

Summary of Purgatory

Overall there are some wonderful lessons on purgatory.

  • It is not punishment but purification – a form of suffering that is intensely love inflamed.
  • It teaches us that we can accomplish the same purgation painlessly here on earth.
  • It teaches us that we have God's goodness, a powerful means at our disposal (prayer) to assist souls in purgatory who are pleading for help (they won't forget us).

Best reason for accepting purgatory was given to us by a great saint

The most wonderful reason for accepting purgatory was spoken by St. Claude de la Colombiere, SJ, the spiritual director to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. He said: “As for purgatory, I do not fear it. I am sorry to have deserved it because it has been by offending God; but since I do deserve it, I am glad to go there to satisfy his justice as rigorously as possible even to the Day of Judgment. I know the torments are great, but I know that they honor God and that in purgatory I shall be sure of never opposing Gods will and of never complaining of the severity of his justice but loving it and waiting patiently until it is entirely satisfied”

How to avoid purgatory

It is said that many Catholics may be judged more strictly because the church is giving them special graces through prayers and devotions. Most important is the plenary indulgence.

Plenary Indulgence

The format to gain plenary indulgence is simple and if done correctly and with sincere sorrow for sins – will forgive all temporal punishment for sins – and allow you to enter Heaven should you die immediately.


    • Complete sorrow for ones sins as well as total exclusion of all attachment to sins (even venial sins).
    • Make a sacramental confession a week before or after.
    • Receive Eucharistic communion during that time.
    • Say one Our Father, one Hail Mary for Popes intention.
    • Perform one of the following: An adoration of Blessed Sacrament for at least 1/2 hour
    • Devotional reading of Scripture for one half hour
    • Devote performance of Stations of the Cross in church.
    • Reciting the Marian Rosary in church or oratory with members of the family, religious community, or pious group.

You can only gain one plenary indulgence a day – and it can be offered to a loved one in purgatory (it would release them to Heaven).

Final Words

We must remember that God loves us more than we could ever love him. There is nothing we can do to reduce that love. In addition, God never tires of us asking for forgiveness. God wants more than anything that we love him with all our hearts and that we spend our next life with Him in heaven for all eternity.


For more information or for a prayer request, please click the link below and send us an e-mail.

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